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Listen to The Parkinson Alliance Discussion Regarding Resilience and Parkinson’s on Voice Aerobics BlogTalkRadio

KINGSTON, N.J., August 26, 2013 – On August 23, 2013, Carol Walton, CEO, The Parkinson Alliance, and Jeffrey Wertheimer, Ph.D., Chief Research Consultant for The Parkinson Alliance, and Head of Neuropsychology and Clinical Training Director at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA were guests on Voice Aerobics (on BlogTalkRadio), to discuss the findings of a survey on Resilience and Parkinson’s disease, which was produced by The Parkinson Alliance.  Survey results were announced via, earlier in 2013.    Click here to listen to the show.

The survey entitled, “Resilience in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease with and without Deep Brain Stimulation,” was performed to obtain a better understanding of the prevalence of and clinical characteristics related to resilience in people with Parkinson’s, and to provide an opportunity to implement new approaches to enhance quality of life.  To view the complete report from this Resilience study, please click here.  

Voice Aerobics is hosted by Mary Spremulli, a speech-language pathologist and blogger.  Guests talk about issues affecting people living with Parkinson’s and other neurogenic conditions.