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PUW Launches Three New Videos to Help Raise Awareness and Funds for Research

(February 1, 2013)  The Parkinson’s Unity Walk has launched three new videos that are now available on our Videos Page.

Via these videos, it is our hope that we can reach more supporters!  The Join Us and Strength in Numbers videos are additional tools our supporters can use to get the message out, with the ultimate goal of raising more disease awareness and hopefully resulting in more funds for critical Parkinson’s research.  In these videos, we talk about raising 1.5 million voices, as we wanted to convey the sense of hope and support that is experienced at the Walk, demonstrate how anyone can make an impact when we come together as a community, and remind our supporters that 100% of all donations to the Walk go to research.  These videos, or any other YouTube video, can be featured onto a walker’s personal donation page, in place of their photo.
The third video, “Overview: Current State of Parkinson’s Research” features Dr. Robert E. Burke, Director of the Udall Parkinson’s Disease Research Center at Columbia University; and Dr. J. William Langston, CEO, Scientific Director, and Founder, Parkinson’s Institute; both are well-renowned Parkinson’s researchers and members of the PUW Board.  They explain in non-technical terms the progress that has been and continues to be made in Parkinson’s research— where we are today and the promising new possibilities for tomorrow.  

We hope you find these videos informative and encourage you to share it with your family and friends, and especially via social media.  

Go to our Videos Page.