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Dear #puw2012 Thank You! Letter Addressed to All of You. From the PUW Staff

(April 30, 2012)

Dear #puw2012,

We are back in New Jersey and we hope that everyone got home safely to yours as well.  And by everyone we mean you who made the Walk possible—
our sponsors, Parkinson’s organizations, teams, participants, donors, volunteers, and vendors! 

We think you are amazing!  Here’s why…

So while we leave the city with so much information about resources available in the Parkinson’s community; we hope that you learned a lot too.  And that you heart NY, meeting each other, and making a difference, as much as we did!  We hope you enjoyed your time.

Thanks to you, we leave the city with tons of photos and videos to review, but the best visual of them all is the one of the difference we can make, together!

With thanks for all you have done (and still doing) to make the 18th Walk a successful one!

The Parkinson’s Unity Walk team

P.S.  By the way, we’re still keeping up with all the donations you’ve collected on the day of the Walk.  If you somehow collected a few more donations after the Walk, don’t worry, 2012 Walk donations is open until May 28th.  Here's how you can reach us.