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I Spy ... PUW Billboards Contest

PUW billboards are all around New York City! See below for specific locations. While you're in NY take a photo of you or a friend next to one of these billboards and not only will your photo be posted on our website, you will be entered into a raffle to win a PUW fleece blanket and a PUW travel mug. Email your photo before April 30th and let us know where the photo was taken. Click here to view photos of our Walkers next to PUW billboards.

We are grateful to the Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation for their generous in-kind donation of media space and all they do to help promote the Walk.

We look forward to receiving your photos so we can post them on our website!

Bus lines:
Throughout Manhattan

Subway platforms:
B/C line at 72nd, 86th, 96th and 103rd Streets; 6 line at 68th, 77th, 86th, 96th and 103rd Streets; and F line at 57th Street.

Phone kiosks:
Manhattan – York & 87th
Manhattan – Lexington & 106th
Manhattan – 8th Avenue & 22nd Street
Manhattan – 1st Avenue & 14th Street
Manhattan – 6th Avenue & 33rd Street
Manhattan – Canal and Essex Streets
Manhattan – Grand Street and Bowery
Manhattan – 5th Avenue & 51st Street
Manhattan – 8th Avenue & 52nd Street
Manhattan – 7th Avenue & 47th Street
Manhattan – 6th Avenue & 46th Street
Manhattan – Broadway & 99th Street
Manhattan – Amsterdam & 95th Street
Brooklyn – Livingston Street & Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn – Livingston & Nevins Streets
Brooklyn – Chester Court & Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn – Maple Street & Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn – Coney Island Avenue & Kings Highway
Queens – Queens Boulevard & Ascan Avenue
Queens – Queens Boulevard & 70th Road
Queens – Woodhaven Boulevard & Jamaica Avenue
Queens – 71st Avenue & Austin Street
Queens – Metropolitan Avenue & 69th Road
Queens – Horace Harding Expressway & Kissena Boulevard
Queens – Main Street & Jewel Avenue