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  05/27/2014 May 2014 Updates
  04/15/2014 April 2014 Updates
  04/01/2014 March 2014 Updates
  03/20/2014 Reserve Your Seat on a Chartered Bus to the Unity Walk from North Jersey
  02/17/2014 February 2014 Updates
  01/21/2014 January 2014 Updates
  12/10/2013 December 2013 Updates
  12/02/2013 20th Parkinsonís Unity Walk Will be Held on Saturday, April 26, 2014
  11/25/2013 November 2013 Updates
  10/23/2013 October 2013 Updates
  10/22/2013 Your Dollars are at Work Ė 2013 PUW Research Grants Have Been Awarded
  10/12/2013 Investigational Diabetes Drug May Also Have Future as Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
  10/12/2013 Promising Early Findings From Parkinsonís Biomarker Study
  10/12/2013 New Technique Could Treat Parkinsonís Using Patientís Own Brain Cells
  09/27/2013 September 2013 Updates
  09/11/2013 Civitas Therapeutics, Inc. Plans Phase 2b Study of CVT-301, Inhaled L-dopa for Parkinson's Disease
  09/11/2013 Research Yields First Detailed View of Morphing Parkinson's Protein
  09/11/2013 Neurosurgeon Provides ďAsleepĒ Option for Patients Undergoing DBS Surgery
  09/03/2013 Promising First Test to Detect Parkinsonís Disease
  09/03/2013 Anti-Wrinkle Ingredient: 'Preventive Potential' in Parkinson's Disease
  08/14/2013 August 2013 Updates
  08/13/2013 Parkinson's Disease Breakthrough May Lie in Gene Mutations
  08/13/2013 MRI Interventions' ClearPoint System Enables Precise Delivery of Promising Investigational Gene Therapy in Parkinson's Disease Phase I Clinical Trial
  08/13/2013 Potential New Drug Being Studied to Treat Off Times for Parkinsonís Patients
  08/01/2013 Statin Use May Reduce Parkinson's Risk, Study Says
  08/01/2013 Parkinson's Discovery Yields Potential to 'Protect' Nerve Cells
  07/24/2013 NPF Launches a PD App
  07/23/2013 Transforming Proteins May Explain the Many Faces of Parkinsonís
  07/16/2013 Teva CNS @PDWalkofFame Instagram Feed Now Live on!
  07/15/2013 July 2013 Updates
  07/08/2013 June 2013 Updates
  07/02/2013 Video Series on Parkinsonís Released by Veterans Health Administration
  06/28/2013 Medication Alone Insufficient in Treating Depression in Parkinsonís Disease
  06/28/2013 2013 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Raised Over $1.7 Million in Donations for Parkinsonís Research
  06/24/2013 Scientists Develop New Parkinson's Disease Drug Treatment That Attacks Symptoms on Two Fronts
  06/24/2013 Antioxidant Diapocynin Prevents Parkinsonís Disease Motor Symptoms in Mice
  06/17/2013 Top 50 Teams - Parkinson's Unity Walk 2013
  06/17/2013 Brittany Ryan of Team Ryanís Hope is the Winner of the 2013 PUW Video Contest
  06/14/2013 University of Florida Study Finds Brain-Imaging Technique Can Help Diagnose Movement Disorders
  06/13/2013 Unleashing the Watchdog Protein: Research Opens Door to New Drug Therapies for Parkinson's Disease
  06/13/2013 Positive Results for Clinical Trial of Time Release Medication for Treatment of Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia
  06/13/2013 Cancer Drug Prevents Build-Up of Toxic Brain Protein Linked to Parkinsonís Disease
  06/10/2013 New Surgical Technique for Deep Brain Stimulation Proves Accurate and Safe
  06/06/2013 PUW Announces Winner of PUW Memory Quilt
  06/05/2013 May 2013 Updates
  05/30/2013 The Parkinson Alliance Announces Results from 14th Survey on Resilience in Parkinsonís Disease
  05/21/2013 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk Raises More than $1.6 Million in Support of Parkinson's Research
  05/03/2013 Dear #puw2013, Thank You from Our Team to Yours
  05/02/2013 Mayor Bloomberg Proclaims April 27, 2013 as ďParkinsonís Unity Walk DayĒ
  04/29/2013 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali Read at the 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk
  04/24/2013 Make Every Step Count at 19th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk in New York
  04/22/2013 Join us on the Plaza of The Today Show, Friday Morning, April 26, 2013
  04/19/2013 Raising Awareness of PD - One Billboard, Bus Shelter, Taxi TV, and Taxi Top at a Time
  04/18/2013 April 2013 Updates
  04/18/2013 Parkinsonís Organizations Unite to Support Clinical Research
  04/18/2013 An Important Event Update from our Executive Director
  04/16/2013 Possible Service Disruption to PUW Website
  04/01/2013 Parkinsonís Book Geared Toward Helping Families Across the Globe
  03/25/2013 2013 PUW Video Contest
  03/06/2013 March 2013 Updates
  02/25/2013 Project Seeks to Build Map of Human Brain
  02/25/2013 Medtronicís Brain Device Improves Early-Stage Parkinsonís
  02/21/2013 $14.4 Billion Economic Burden of Parkinson's Disease Takes Toll on Families
  02/11/2013 February 2013 Updates
  02/08/2013 Parkinsonís Disease Foundation (PDF) Selects Winner for PDFís Parkinsonís Awareness Month T-Shirt
  02/07/2013 Teva Begins Phase IV Clinical Trial of Azilect for Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Patients Living with Parkinsonís Disease
  02/01/2013 PUW Launches Three New Videos to Help Raise Awareness and Funds for Research
  01/24/2013 Participants Can Now Fundraise on the go With Mobile App
  01/24/2013 January 2013 Updates
  01/15/2013 Pesticides and Parkinson's: UCLA Researchers Uncover Further Proof of a Link
  01/15/2013 The Parkinson Alliance Announces Results from 13th Survey on Speech; Recruiting Participants to Complete Newest Survey on Falls.
  01/09/2013 May May Ali Continues to Raise Awareness; Scheduled to Appear on CNN and Good Day NY on January 11th
  01/02/2013 PUW Launches Parkinson's CHAMP and CHAMP in Action Campaign
  01/01/2013 Registered Participants Can Fundraise on Facebook Using an Application
  12/13/2012 Your December 2012 Donation Can Keep us Moving Closer to a Cure
  12/12/2012 December 2012 Updates
  12/10/2012 Abstract Submission for the 3rd World Parkinson Congress
  12/07/2012 Attend the PAN Forum - Make Your Voice Heard in Washington, D.C.!
  12/04/2012 First Data from Largest, Ongoing Study of People with Parkinson's Disease Reveals Depression has Biggest Impact on Health Status
  11/30/2012 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk Will be Held on Saturday, April 27, 2013
  11/27/2012 April 27, 2013 Confirmed for 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk
  11/26/2012 New Raffle Prize for Top 50 Teams - a Memory Quilt!
  11/14/2012 November 2012 Updates
  11/13/2012 Settlement Allows Medicare Coverage for Skilled Nursing and Therapy Services
  11/05/2012 Your Dollars at Work - 2012 PUW Research Grants
  10/18/2012 October 2012 Updates
  10/05/2012 New Well-Being Map Improves Doctor-Patient Conversation for People with Parkinson's Disease
  10/04/2012 Zumba Fundraiser Benefiting The Parkinson's Unity Walk
  10/01/2012 Jane Denmark: An artisan in the butterfly garden
  09/28/2012 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Presents at BBCON 2012 - Blackbaud Conference for Non-Profits
  09/25/2012 Vanderbilt University and Bristol-Myers Squibb Sign Collaboration Agreement to Develop Novel Treatments for Parkinsonís Disease
  09/06/2012 Team Kelty Takes Raising Awareness of Parkinson's Disease to "New Heights."
  09/04/2012 Red Carpet Highlights from Teva CNS Booth Now Available!
  08/20/2012 Past Years PUW Public Service Announcements
  07/25/2012 First Ever European Unity Walk to Take Place in Two Months
  07/17/2012 Registration Now Open for 2013 Unity Walk
  07/16/2012 UCB Launches Neupro® in the U.S. to Treat Parkinsonís Disease and Restless Legs Syndrome
  06/13/2012 2012 Unity Walk Raises Over $1.8M for Parkinsonís Research
  06/12/2012 Top 50 Teams - Parkinson's Unity Walk 2012
  06/11/2012 Team Bettina is the Winner of the PUW 2012 Video Contest
  06/07/2012 First Parkinson's Unity Walk in Denmark - May 12, 2012
  06/01/2012 Unity Walk Fundraising Website Transitions from 2012 to 2013 Walk
  05/08/2012 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali Read at the 18th Parkinson's Unity Walk
  05/07/2012 Abbottís SMS Campaign Continues to Raise Funds for Research Until May 28, Send Your Text Now!
  05/06/2012 PUW Video Contest
  05/02/2012 18th Annual Parkinsonís Unity Walk Raises More Than $1.5 Million in Support of Parkinsonís Research
  04/30/2012 Dear #puw2012 Thank You! Letter Addressed to All of You. From the PUW Staff
  04/18/2012 Abbottís Investigational Treatment for Advanced Parkinsonís Disease Demonstrates Positive Results in Phase 3 Clinical Trial
  04/10/2012 Fundraising with the Stars Ė Four Challenge Weeks. Become a Star in Action! VIEW THE WINNERS!!
  04/10/2012 I Spy ... PUW Billboards Contest
  04/09/2012 Thousands to Participate in 18th Annual Parkinsonís Unity Walk in Support of Parkinsonís Community
  03/14/2012 Whatís New for 2012!
  02/08/2012 Get Your Copy of "Communication and Swallowing Disorders in Parkinson Disease"
  01/30/2012 Congratulations to David Kaplan, Recipient of the 2012 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award
  01/09/2012 PUW 2011 Newsletter is Now Available Online
  12/15/2011 Fundraise for the Parkinsonís Unity Walk on Facebook Using boundlessFUNDRAISING
  12/15/2011 Confirmation of the Unity Walk date just received Ė mark April 28th on your calendar!
  10/18/2011 Joint Statement by Six Parkinsonís Disease Organizations Regarding Proposed Label Change for Azilect submitted to FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on 10-17-11
  10/06/2011 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Announces the Election of New Board Member
  08/10/2011 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Announces the Election of Two New Board Members
  07/07/2011 Top 50 Teams - Parkinson's Unity Walk 2011
  06/24/2011 PUW Announces 2011 Prize Winners
  06/02/2011 Recipe for increasing awareness and knowledge about DBS therapy: How can we do it better?
  05/12/2011 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Announces the Election of New Board President and Board Member
  05/09/2011 Thousands Walk in Support of the Parkinsonís Community at the 2011 Parkinson
  04/18/2011 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the 17th Parkinson
  04/01/2011 2011 Parkinsonís Unity Walk to Take Place on Saturday, April 16 in New York Cityís Central Park
  03/14/2011 PUW Billboards now displayed in the NYC subway stations!
  02/21/2011 Two New Prizes for 2011!
  01/10/2011 Download our 2010 PUW Newsletter
  12/28/2010 Congratulations to Jean Burns, winner of the 2011 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award
  12/23/2010 Memorial Tribute to Roz Fink
  12/20/2010 New for 2011!
  11/15/2010 LSVTģ Speech Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
  10/20/2010 A Consensus Meeting to Discuss Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease
  09/16/2010 New to 2011 Parkinson's Unity Walk, Participants Can Fundraise on Facebook Using boundlessFUNDRAISING
  09/15/2010 Comcast Spotlight and Kroger help promote Countrified Rock for Research on September 16th
  08/24/2010 LSVT Global launches Online LSVT LOUD Training and Certification for speech clinicians
  07/10/2010 Parkinson's Disease Work-Related Disability Assessment Form
  07/08/2010 LSVTģ Global Summer Symposium and Workshop Series
  05/02/2010 Thousands Walk in Support of the Parkinson's Community at the 2010 Parkinson's Unity Walk
  05/01/2010 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the 16th Parkinson's Unity Walk
  04/09/2010 2010 Parkinsonís Unity Walk to Take Place on April 24 in New York Cityís Central Park
  02/27/2010 FDA approves once-daily MIRAPEX ER for the treatment of early Parkinsonís disease.
  02/01/2010 The Parkinson's Unity Walk mourns the loss of Margot Zobel
  12/08/2009 Welcome Our New Event Director, Helaine Isaacs
  11/09/2009 YouTube Video and Website!
  08/04/2009 15th Parkinson's Unity Walk A Step in the Right Direction for Parkinsonís Community
  06/17/2009 The Science and Practice of LOUD: Empowering People with Parkinson disease
  06/01/2009 3rd Annual Central Valley Parkinson's Walk in Visalia, CA
  04/29/2009 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the 15th Parkinson's Unity Walk
  03/19/2009 23andMe Launches Parkinson's Disease Genetics Initiative
  03/18/2009 Parkinson's Treatment Drugs Even Out Over Long Term
  02/19/2009 View Photos from this year's PUW Kick Off Party!
  01/13/2009 Parkinson's Action Network 15th Annual Research and Public Policy Forum
  12/16/2008 Novartis Stalevo FIRST STEP Study Publication Press Release
  11/03/2008 Two new dosage strengths of Stalevoģ approved in the U.S. provide greater dosing flexibility for people with Parkinsonís disease
  10/31/2008 Team Cantore "Rocks for Research"
  10/14/2008 Teva Neuroscience Launches Spanish Parkinson's Disease
  10/03/2008 The Science and Practice of LOUD: Empowering People with Parkinson's disease
  07/30/2008 PUW Honors Board Member Lupe McCann
  07/21/2008 US FDA approves Requip
  07/09/2008 Teva Offers Free Easy-To-Read Pd Resource Guide In English And Spanish
  07/09/2008 Novartis offers patient resources website
  06/30/2008 Third Annual John "Bulldog" Hamil Parkinson's Walk - a Resounding Success
  05/13/2008 14th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk Most Successful Event to Date
  05/02/2008 View photos from the 2008 Walk!
  04/30/2008 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the April 26, 2008 Parkinson's Unity Walk
  04/23/2008 View PUW's segment on the WABC Weekend Morning Show
  04/19/2008 View our new Fundraising Guide, One Step Closer, filled with helpful fundraising hints!
  04/16/2008 Patients with early Parkinson's disease who were treated with Stalevoģ reported better symptom control and improvements in daily activities.
  04/15/2008 The Parkinson's Unity Walk mourns the loss of Brignal E. Haines, Jr.
  04/03/2008 The Unity Walk inspired one volunteer in Los Angeles to put PD Organizations on the same page
  02/27/2008 View Photos from the 2008 Kick-off Party in NY
  12/17/2007 Congratulations to Marlene Kahan, winner of the 2008 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award
  12/04/2007 Team Parkin-sons and Daughters hosts Party for Parkinson's
  12/04/2007 Team Cantore's 4th Annual "Countrified Rock for Research"
  09/01/2007 Download our Special Edition 2007 PUW Newsletter
  07/31/2007 Central Coast 1st Annual Parkinson's Walk
  07/07/2007 Tulare-Kings Parkinson's Support Group
1st Annual Parkinson's Walk
  07/06/2007 How it can be done!
  05/10/2007 View Photos from the 2007 Walk!
  05/09/2007 13th Parkinson's Unity Walk Raises Funds for Parkinson's Research While Offering a Day of Community, Education, and Fun
  05/08/2007 "The Proud Hands of Parkinson's Disease" Project Call for Photographs and Stories
  05/06/2007 "Parkinsons Disease Unity Walk 2007" a poem by Kelly Maurer
  05/02/2007 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the April 28, 2007 Parkinson's Unity Walk
  04/04/2007 Longtime PUW Supporter, Bill Thorson, Passes Away
  04/02/2007 Light of Day Foundation Hosts Concert to Benefit the Unity Walk
  03/09/2007 PUW Team "Walkers for Poppy" Valentine's Fundraiser
  02/21/2007 You are Making a Difference: Kick-off Reception
  02/20/2007 View Photos from the 2007 Kick-off Party in NY
  12/12/2006 Boehringer Ingelheim and National Parkinson Foundation introduce Planning Your Course
  11/27/2006 Congratulations to Tamra Cantore for winning the 2007 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award
  11/14/2006 "Countrified Rock" Continues To Roll For Parkinson's Research
  11/14/2006 Margot's Corner
  10/16/2006 A Volunteer Model - Jennifer Jones of New Jersey
  10/15/2006 John C. Hamil Walk for Parkinson's Research Raised over $16,000 for the Parkinson's Unity Walk
  10/02/2006 A Special Message from Our 2006 Cruise Winners
  09/12/2006 The 2006 Parkinson's Unity Walk Funds Research Grants
  09/01/2006 Download our Special Edition 2005 PUW Newsletter
  07/24/2006 Read our latest Stories of Hope article
  05/01/2006 Official 2006 Post-Walk Press Release
  04/29/2006 Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the April 29, 2006 Parkinson's Unity Walk
  10/27/2005 Treble Reel for Charity Fundraiser benefits PUW
  07/06/2005 "Time - In a Bottle" by Tom Gorman
  04/25/2005 Who won the 2005 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Raffle Drawing?
  03/15/2005 "faith, hope, charity" by Tom Gorman
  12/21/2004 "Holiday and Holidays" by Tom Gorman
  11/15/2004 The Swallow at the Hollow ďCountrified Rock for ResearchĒ
  10/21/2004 Bertek Launches Parkinson's Disease Patient Registry
  10/15/2004 World Parkinson Congress Launches Web Site for First-Ever Meeting for Researchers, Parkinson's Patients and Caregivers
  09/28/2004 Luncheon to Honor Congresswoman Nita Lowey
  09/27/2004 "The Eye of the Hurricane" by Tom Gorman
  07/25/2004 10th Parkinson's Unity Walk Comments from Participants
  07/22/2004 Parkinson's Community Mourns The Loss Of Milly Kondracke
  04/25/2004 Who won the 2004 Unity Walk Raffle Drawing?
  02/12/2004 James Parkinson, 250th Anniversary by Tom Gorman
  12/16/2003 N.J. Stem-Cell Bill (A-2840) Clears The Legislature
  00/00/0000 View the Parkinson's Unity Walk Video