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Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the 15th Parkinson's Unity Walk

May May Ali, Official Unity Walk poet, honors this year's recipient of The Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award and her friend, John Ball.


Be Like John

We can choose to complain about the mundane things going on in our lives.
But if you’re like John Ball, You’d live for a cause to overcome difficulty and strife.

So many give up when dreams aren’t manifested on the schedule they had in mind.
But when Parkinson’s disease blocked John’s dreams, he accomplished new goals over time.

We can abandon all hope when our lives are on the ropes, and everything seems so unfair,
or we can be more like John, face fear and move on to defy the unthinkable like a dare.

We can waste precious hours letting the negative devour our innate ability to make it,
or we can be like Mr. Ball and answer a higher call that’s waiting for us to take it.

Many choose to despair after putting the blame on factors beyond their control,
but John accepted reality yet envisioned his possibilities and created on an inspirational role.

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