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"The Proud Hands of Parkinson's Disease" Project Call for Photographs and Stories

In an effort to spotlight the many personal victories of those living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), Teva Neuroscience will be releasing a book in the Fall of 2007 that will tell the stories, in photographs and narrative, of those living with Parkinson's, or those of the nurses, doctors and caregivers who care for those living with the disease.

Those wishing to share their own personal story on how their lives have been touched by the disease will be able to submit their photos and stories online at A submission should contain one to five photographs (not copyright protected) that emphasize their hands and portray any activity or hobby that demonstrates how the person copes or persists in spite of Parkinson’s disease, or helps someone with PD.

It is important to let the community know that Parkinson’s disease does not have to be the entire story of a person's life. “The Proud Hands of Parkinson's Disease” is a way for those affected by the disease to share this message with the world.

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