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A Volunteer Model - Jennifer Jones of New Jersey

The "Volunteer Model" initiative recognizes the efforts of some of the many volunteers who make the Parkinson's Unity Walk possible.

Jennifer Jones & Trina Stokes
Jennifer Jones & Trina Stokes

If anyone should ask the question; "should I become a volunteer?" they should talk to Jennifer Jones, an extraordinary person and a very special volunteer.

Back in 2003 she called the Parkinson's Unity Walk office, just to ask how she can help. She was eager to get involved. Jennifer says her volunteer work is necessary. "I think everyone should have a cause and want to help others. I never knew anyone with Parkinson's disease, but that didn't matter, I wanted to offer my time."

Jennifer's passion for others shows in her open, honest, and caring attitude. She has stuffed goodie bags, worked at registration during the Unity Walk Kick off party and always makes sure the sponsors have everything they need on the day of the Walk. She is also involved with Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-TCP) a progressive, degenerative disease that affects a startling variety of body systems in children. Children with A-TCP appear normal at birth and are usually diagnosed during the second year of life.

Jennifer's persistent actions serve as a wonderful inspiration for anyone who wants to make an impact for the greater good.

Congratulations Jennifer on being "A Volunteer Model".

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