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"Time - In a Bottle" by Tom Gorman

July 6, 2005

The glow from the April 16, 2005 Walk should still shine brightly these many weeks later. We have long returned to our homes, jobs, schools, etc. Many walkers also returned with the reality of the pains and tribulations Parkinson’s disease brings with it. Time seeks to weaken the positive momentum the Walk brings with it.

Time is a precious commodity for anyone with PD. We don’t want to waste it.

Time can’t be stopped, postponed or retained, and each person has only so much of it. Time is always on the mind of a person with Parkinson’s. Having Parkinson’s disease usually shortens the amount of time we have here. It reminds me of two “classic” songs; the first by the late Jim Croce: (If I could save) “Time in a Bottle” whereby you could save your pre - Parkinson’s days’ time, and use it when you needed.

The second song is the Eagles, “Hotel California” where “You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.” I’ve checked out thousands of times from my “hotel,” but Parkinson’s is always the doorman, and he won’t let me leave.

The Walk reinforces my optimism that a cure will be found in time for us to checkout and leave our “Hotel California.”

Tom Gorman

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