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Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali Read at the 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk

May May Ali wrote and read the following poem on the day of the 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk, held on Saturday, April 27, 2013.  This has become somewhat of a tradition and the Unity Walk considers May May Ali our Official Unity Walk Poet.


By May May Ali

How can the progression of Parkinson’s be slowed down or even stopped?
Some of the funds raised today will be used to research this plot.
The story will begin with a villain, with a major role in the disease.
Now, this may get a bit complex, so be patient with me please.
The clumping up of proteins is a process of PD.
An Alpha-Synuclein is the protein, you see.
If this clumping would just stop, it would be a Parkinson’s wish.
Guess what, researchers have stopped it in a Zebra fish.
I know you might be thinking, how could this be done?
Our hero is a molecular tweezer called CLR01!
Since I’m not a doctor, I’ll end it here and suggest what you can do.
Get informed about research that can ultimately benefit you.



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