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Abbott’s SMS Campaign Continues to Raise Funds for Research Until May 28, Send Your Text Now!

The 18th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk (PUW), recently held on Saturday, April 28, 2012 in New York City's Central Park, raised more than $1.5 million thus far.  In addition to individual and team fundraising efforts, Abbott, a leading global health care company and Premier Sponsor of the PUW, is helping to raise an additional $10,000, which will be donated directly to the PUW in support of research.  How is Abbott raising more funds?  Abbott has announced the continuation of the following text (SMS) campaign.

The campaign is as simple as sending one text! 

Text the word "DONATE" to 22789 and Abbott will donate $1 to Parkinson's research (up to $10,000 to the 2012 Parkinson's Unity Walk).  Text must be sent by May 28th.

This is a unique opportunity, different from the usual text to give campaign.  When one sends a text, it isn't their dollars that are being donated.  The donation to research will actually be made by PUW Premier Sponsor and Proud Partner, Abbott.

There is another advantage to the campaign, those interested in PD research can opt in to receive ongoing information via text messages.

Every step, text, and dollar counts!  Unity Walk participants and donors have done so much already, to make the 18th Walk a successful one, but there’s this one simple and additional thing they can do to raise more funds for research.  The campaign is open to all!  Besides PUW registered participants, the public is urged to text and raise even more funds for research.  PUW participants are encouraged to forward the information to their friends and family, to raise even more funds for research.

PUW will continue to accept contributions for the 2012 event through May 28, 2012.  In accordance with this 2012 deadline, texts must also be received by May 28th.

100% of funds donated to PUW will go to research.

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