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Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the 17th Parkinson

“Our Unity in New York”
By Maryum “May May” Ali
April 16, 2011

We’re taking a chunk of the Big Apple today
For nutrients to walk in a unified way.
 Like athletes on the Nicks, Yankees, and Mets.
You’re part of team but for those on Sinemet.
Nearby, the big bucks are made on Broadway - the best plays you’ll ever see.
But you’re the stars right now, my friends, bringing currency in for PD.
So stand tall like the Stature of Liberty
And like they did on Ellis Island walk strong.
You are a group that exudes great dignity. In unity we can never go wrong.
 Time Square may be bright in the midst of the night, but it doesn’t compare to you.
For your heart and spirit are the guiding lights to make dopamine dreams come true.
 Let’s celebrate your dedication, by singing as they’ve done in Carnegie Hall.
Yes, we’re all here for a serious reason, but let’s not forget to have a ball.
 Enjoy the Unity Walk, everybody!





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