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Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali read at the 16th Parkinson's Unity Walk

May May Ali, Official Unity Walk poet, honors our founder, Margot Zobel.



A Salute to Margot

We salute Margot Zobel for being the catalyst for this monumental event.

The Parkinson’s Unity Walk – her amazing feat and how most of her time was spent.

Her daughter Vida said Margot was an activist who danced to her own drummer.

Intelligent beyond her years, always facing her fears, staying empowered with visions of wonder.

Like planting a seed 17 years ago with 200 people stepping strong.

That seed is now a tree and thousands will show to keep marching the mission along.

Margot Zobel – what an inspiration - transcending statuses, cultures, and creeds

Joined together as one with a shared desire to see a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Walking side by side with a glide in our stride; to us she passed the baton.

Today, we’ll keep going with a prayer and a knowing that soon we’ll see beyond

This time of struggle to place of triumph, when PD is no longer a mystery.

So keep faith in that day when researchers will say they have made Parkinson’s history.

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