About the PUW > Ken Aidekman, Cofounder and Past Chair

Margot Zobel told Ken Aidekman of her plans to stage a walk in New York City when they first met at the 1994 Parkinson's Action Network Public Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC. To Ken, it sounded like a unique opportunity to bring people together for a worthwhile cause that had been close to his heart since he was a young man. A tragic family history of Parkinson's—both Ken's grandfather and father suffered from it—left an indelible impression on Ken and he has dedicated his efforts to the memory of his father and the fight for a cure.

Ken cofounded and serves as vice president of Highview Capital Corporation, an investment company that he manages with his brother. He has been active in Parkinson's organizations for much of his life, and recognized early on the need for a unifying Parkinson's organization in the New York metropolitan area and the benefits that could be attained by bringing people together to fund the drive to find a cure. He and Margot joined forces to create the Parkinson's Unity Walk with the goal of channeling fundraising through one organization, to fund the major Parkinson's foundations' research. He also believed that the Walk filled a void and fostered "pride, hope and action in a community that for too long lacked these qualities." As the Walk grew in size, a Board of Directors was created and Ken was elected as its first chairman.

Ken strongly feels that "the Walk is a fine example of how people with Parkinson's and their loved ones can make a real difference by working together." While he has been gratified to see the Walk grow in stature, his "number one goal is to help bring about a cure," and he hopes that "with hard work and a bit of luck we can eliminate this scourge so that our children will never have to face it."