Fundraise > Fundraising Ideas > 10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event

Step 1

Brainstorm with your friends and family. Come up with an idea that is fun, manageable and has buy in from those who are prepared to work on this with you.

Step 2

Prepare an event budget as part of your planning process.

Step 3

Figure out how you are going to pay the expenses associated with your event. There are several options.  You may:

Step 4

What is your plan to raise money?

Keep in mind:
Sponsors and donors will receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes only if their check is made payable to Parkinson’s Unity Walk or if you send a check representing their cash donation to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk along with their name and address.

Step 5

Work out the logistics – date, time, place, venue, space constraints, etc. Leave yourself enough time for planning depending on the complexity of the event.

Step 6

Contact the venue to confirm their requirements to secure the space (e.g., permits, deposits and applications). Possible venues include but aren’t limited to schools, parks, places of worship, bars, and restaurants.

Step 7

Contact the PUW office to discuss your plans or if you need any assistance.

Step 8

Spread the word! Develop a strategy to promote your event.

Step 9

Add your event to the PUW calendar.

Step 10

Enjoy your event and take satisfaction in knowing that you have raised funds for Parkinson’s research!