Fundraise > Walk in Style - Create a T-shirt

While walkers who have raised $100 or more receive the Unity Walk t-shirt, many walkers and teams choose to create and wear their own t-shirt. Our walkers’ creativity is impressive!

Consider ordering t-shirts through Instant Imprints and they will donate a portion of the sale back to you or your team’s fundraising efforts on behalf of the Unity Walk. The donated portion based on your t-shirt order will be credited to you or your team’s fundraising efforts.

T-shirts are $8 (printing on front only) and $10 (printing on front and back) for lighter colors; and $12 (printing on front only) and $14 (printing on front and back) for darker or neon colors or tie-dye cotton t-shirts. They will need your artwork in an eps or high definition pdf file and not a jpg file. Their staff is available to help you if you need assistance preparing your artwork. Instant Imprints is located in NJ but orders can be shipped nationally. Actual UPS fees will be charged and not a set shipping and handling charge.

For more information or to place your order, email Colin Ormrod at rather than ordering through their website. Questions? Call Colin at 973-252-9500.