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Teams are at the core of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. Team members comprise over 80% of registered walkers and are responsible for close to 90% of the total funds raised by our walkers. As a team captain, you play a critical role in recruiting, motivating and inspiring others to participate in the Unity Walk and raise funds for research.

Team Captain Fundraising Guide

The Team Captain Fundraising Guide has all the tools you will need to successfully lead your team as you work together to raise funds for Parkinson’s research.

Recently updated for 2015!

Team Captain Checklist

Use the Team Captain checklist to move closer to your fundraising goal – one step at a time.

My HQ Highlights

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Recently updated for 2015!
  • Set a fundraising goal.
  • Tell your story! Add a photo and explain your connection to the Walk.
  • Set an example. Make your own donation.
  • Share your story on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email your family and friends.
  • Download the PUW logo to maximize your fundraising efforts.
  • Install the Unity Walk app for Facebook and the new mobile app.
  • Add the Unity Walk email signature to your emails.
  • Team captains have the option of connecting with each other.
  • View reports to track your individual and/or team donations.
  • Send out a personal thank you and stay in touch with your donors.

Go Social!

Go social! Expand your reach and raise more funds for research. Give your donors and supporters an easy way to take action and help you. Use the medium that your supporters are already using— chances are they are already online and on their mobile devices.

Create Customized T-shirts

Create Customized T-shirts.   Walk in style and create team spirit! Order your team t-shirts through Instant Imprints and they will donate a portion of the sale back to your team’s fundraising efforts on behalf of the Unity Walk.

 Goal Setting Form

Team Captain Fundraising - Goal Setting Form.  Creating a fundraising goal keeps you focused and moving forward. So go ahead and create the goal that is right for you and your team.