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June 2017 - Peg's Legs

Our mother, Peggy Dunn, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) at the age of 49. Our team, Peg’s Legs started walking over 20 years ago to honor and support our mother and to bring awareness to the disease. Although she passed in 2009, we continue to walk in her memory.

Our mother had a lot of pride and when she was diagnosed with PD, she truly struggled accepting her disease. Over time, she learned to accept her situation and began enjoying her life again. As a family, we wanted to do something to support her. We saw information about the Unity Walk on WABC TV. Not knowing what to expect, we headed into Central Park to take part in our first Unity Walk. Over the 20 plus year period, we’ve been impressed with how the Walk has grown. The number of teams has increased as well as the number of sponsors and range of family activities. Most importantly, we have seen the advancement in research and treatments. One of the best parts of coming back every year is seeing so many of the same teams and the commitment we all share for this cause.

Our fundraising efforts began with support from family and friends. Over the years as our kids grew up, they wanted to contribute as well. Knowing that every dollar counts, their simple efforts of holding lemonade stands, making and selling bracelets, and having garage sales meant a lot to us. One year, Peg’s Legs was one of the top 15 fundraising teams and two members of our team were invited to Gracie Mansion to be honored along with the other top teams.

Although our lives are very busy, the Unity Walk is always a day for Peg’s Legs to come together in memory of our mother, grandmother and mother-in-law, Peggy Dunn. A year does not go by without the day ending over lunch at an Irish pub. We order a whiskey sour – our mom’s favorite drink – and as we pass the drink around the table, we each take a sip and share funny stories and memories of her. She would be glad to know we are still walking in her memory and raising funds for Parkinson’s research.

Theresa Dunn Weiser
Team Captain, Team Peg’s Legs