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5th Annual Volley for the Cure

On Friday, February 26th, Hartford School in Mount Laurel, NJ held our 5th Annual Volley for the Cure, an event that has raised almost $25,000 in five short years!  As school secretary of this upper elementary school, it still amazes me to see how many staff and students are enthusiastically involved in making this happen every year.  And what a great event it is!  The students come for a fun night of carnival games, prizes and watching their teachers play volleyball.  In the process of their enjoying the evening, these 5th and 6th graders learn what Parkinson's disease is, and that they can make a positive difference in the life of someone else.  Students help plan, advertise, set up and some even work the event.  These are important life lessons that these young people will always remember.  

It all begins at "home", or in this case "homeroom.”  If it wasn't for the teachers talking it up in homeroom, the success of this event would not be possible.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and the positive energy is powerful.  It is so powerful that I believe a cure is coming!

ONE night - ONE school - ONE purpose!

All it takes is ONE!  Every ONE makes a difference!  And ONE day we will have a cure!

Debbie Flamini
Team Captain, Debina’s Dream