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Fourth Annual Pens for Parkinson's Fundraiser

On a cold Thursday evening on March 10, 2016, students from The Entrepreneurs Academy and Virtual Enterprises at Susan E. Wagner High School located in Staten Island, New York, hosted their Fourth Annual Pens for Parkinson’s fundraising event.

This event is one of the ways we raise funds for Parkinson’s disease research. Our Pens for Parkinson’s come in several colors and have the following information printed on them, Virtual Enterprises and The Entrepreneurs Academy, and lastly, Susan E. Wagner High School. We are very proud to be selling these pens. They are a big fundraiser, especially for students. The pens are neon colored and catch your eye. Everyone sees them! We want everyone who has a Pen for Parkinson’s to use their pens, knowing that their donation supports research to fight this disease.

Our school wants us to participate in community service and we chose Pens for Parkinson’s as our project. The event started in September 2012, and this is our fourth year participating in this event.  Students in The Entrepreneurs Academy asked friends and family members to buy Pens for Parkinson’s in order to raise money for our amazing team. Several of the teachers in our school, as well as the administration also participated in our fundraiser by purchasing Pens for Parkinson’s. Our team is called Team Monaco and we are very proud to be walking with our teacher.  

When pens are purchased, names are written on hearts which are displayed outside of our classroom to represent PUW 2016.  

I truly enjoy the Parkinson’s Unity Walk.  My grandfather has passed away from this disease and it was very hard on me and my family.  When I joined The Entrepreneurs Academy, it was the first time I had ever heard about the Walk.  I went home to tell my family about it and they registered for the Walk.  This Walk brings my whole family together.  It is a nice way to remember my grandfather, and it gives us hope that there will be a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Participating in this event has made students more aware of Parkinson’s disease. Several students have even shared their own personal stories about family members or friends who are living with this disease.

We are very proud of Team Monaco and we look forward to walking in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk on April 23, 2016.

Nicholas Hoffman
Team Member, Team Monaco