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Putt for Parkinson's

When I was thinking about what I could do to raise money in support of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, I thought about what I love to do! In the spring and summer I love to play mini-golf with my family and friends. We spoke to the local golf course and they said that they would gladly partner with us. I put flyers up in local store fronts to advertise the fundraiser, my school made announcements, and our Temple sent out an email and wrote about it in their weekly announcement email. This fundraiser was also tied into my Mitzvah project for my becoming a Bar Mitzvah. On the day of the event, September 14, 2104 the sun was shining and I was so excited to see all my family, friends and new friends come out to participate. We set up at the entrance to the mini golf course and greeted everyone that came to play that afternoon. The golf course told us that our event brought in the most money they made for a fundraiser to date. I donated over $1,000 to the Parkinson's Unity Walk in memory of my grandfather and in support of our team, Papa's Rockin’ NJ Walkers. I am so excited to make Putt for Parkinson's an annual event and help my Dad and our family in the fight to fund a cure!

Isaac Stein
Papa’s Rockin’ NJ Walkers