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Team DominACHIN's 6th Annual Washer's Tournament

Team DominACHIN’s 6th Annual Washers Tournament was held on March 21st and was a huge success!  For those of you who haven’t followed it for the past five years, it is a tournament where two man teams play a game of throwing 2 1/2"  washers across to a board with a hole in it. You earn points similar to corn hole or horseshoes. One point for on the board and 2 points for in the hole; you can cancel out the opponent’s points with a similar throw. Teams are chosen randomly amongst all players.

There were 96 players this year and close to 300 attendees! All were fed by a delicious buffet prepared by our daughter, Danielle. We sold our 2015 T-shirts that sported the logo, "DO YOUR JOB Deflate Parkinson's" which was inspired by our Super Bowl Champion Boston Patriots.

We can turn anything that’s fun into a “fun”draiser!

Gail Achin
Team DominACHIN