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Deen's Day Trippers Pasta for Parkinson's

(April 13, 2014) – I am a member of Deen’s Day Trippers and walk in honor of my sister, Doreen. I wanted to create a fundraiser this year on behalf of the Unity Walk and after looking over the CHAMP in Action page on their website, I noticed that another team had thrown a Pasta for Parkinson’s event. I knew it was something I could do since my husband and I own 56 Main Street, a family restaurant in Springfield, VT. We are closed on Sundays and took advantage of that to plan Pasta for Parkinson’s at our restaurant. We charged $10 a person which included salad, pasta, a choice of sausage or meatball, coffee and dessert.

My first step in planning the fundraiser was publicizing the event on our business’ Facebook page. We paid a few dollars extra each time we advertised it so that it would be a promoted event. This caught the attention of several of our frequent patrons who then passed it on to their friends and family. People in the community were thrilled that a fundraiser for Parkinson’s was taking place and they all offered their support. The huge response was due in part to a lack of Parkinson’s disease recognition in the area. In addition to Facebook, we drafted a press release and sent it to local newspapers and radio stations. There were multiple write-ups about the event.

The majority of food we served was donated by Barilla Pasta, Pepsi, and more. Our employees and family donated their time. Overall, the event cost us very little.

Pasta for Parkinson’s at 56 Main Street was an astounding success! The best part was that it created a lot of good will throughout the community.

Robin Szawerda
Team Member, Deen’s Day Trippers