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Karoke for a Cure

Karaoke is good for the soul! It's drinking, it's family and whether you cheer someone on or have the courage to get up on stage (and maybe fall off COMPLETELY by mistake like I did) - it’s a good time. So what better way to have some fun while raising funds?

Geli’s Piojos and Las Nenas de Ariel partnered to create an experience of fun. In our cultures, singing with your family and friends is a normal occurrence. Why not incorporate this tradition into our fundraising efforts? We decided to bring back an idea that didn’t really take off last year and give it another try. This year, our motto was bigger and better.

Everything was either donated or paid for out of pocket so 100% of the funds raised went to the Unity Walk. We are grateful that CDG donated our programs and flyers. Iggy’s has been a classic “go to” spot within our circles for years. The staff was so accommodating and helpful while planning this event and they donated the venue.

Promotion was not taken lightly. We distributed flyers to our friends, loved ones, co-workers and anyone that would really listen. We also promoted on social media using #PUW and a couple of our own personal social media accounts. Tagging certain people is essential because they’ll get the hint to repost and share!

We raised a total of $582 from the charge on the karaoke songs and suggested admissions fee. We also had a team of vendors present, including the ladies of Glam League Inc, who donated 10% of sales to the cause.

Our biggest lesson learned - promotion NEEDS to begin months in advance, especially if you’d like to have a donors’ circle and get the date on everyone’s calendar. It is better to take the time to do it right than to attempt to organize an event at the last minute.

Advice to any first time fundraiser coordinators - no matter what goes wrong, have fun and smile during your event. Remember, the cause is bigger than you!

Amy Catano, Team Captain, Geli’s Piojos
Ariel Ramos, Team Captain, Las Nenas de Ariel
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