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May 2014 - PDF Pacers

The PDF Pacers are comprised of the management and staff at PDF and members, friends and family of the People with Parkinson's Advisory Council of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF). Every year we have raised our fundraising goal, and every year we have exceeded our goal. In 2012 we raised over $13,000. In 2013, we challenged our team to not only exceed 2012 totals, but to raise $20,000. The Pacers rose to the challenge and exceeded by more than 15 percent.

This year our goal is $25,000 and we are on pace to reach that amount.

Who comprises PPAC? We come from the great cities of the Northeast. We come from the Wondrous Mountains out West. We come from the industrious Midwest.  We come from the warmth of the South. We are teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, business folk, as well as adventure seekers and risk takers. We are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, grandparents, children and grandchildren. We are at different ages and stages of life. What has brought this amalgamation together? At some point in our lives, however, we've all heard the same decree: “Yes, it's Parkinson's.” And we vowed to do something about it. PPAC has given us that opportunity to make a difference, for united we are the face of Parkinson's.

If you go to the description of PPAC at PDF’s website, you will read “PDF launched PPAC in 2006 to ensure that the perspective of people living with Parkinson’s is integrated into our program development and priority setting. This group drives PDF’s mission to support research and ideas that will improve the lives and futures of people touched by Parkinson’s.” This group is so much more than that description. The wonderful people at PDF through their wisdom, have created a “band of brothers and sisters,” each with their own talent, passion and concerns, who respect, rely and depend upon each other, while trying to find a way to search for a cure and to make life a bit more comfortable for those touched by Parkinson’s disease.

The world is a strange, but sometimes wonderful place, and if a silver lining can be found in Parkinson’s disease, it is having brought this group together.

PPAC- Thomas A. Palizzi, (Chair), Fred Woodlief (Vice Chair),  Claire Berman, Elaine Casavant, Christine Colon, Diane Cook, Maria De Leon, Steve DeWitte, Hao Dong, Carol Fox, Anthony Geraci, Eric Hellinger, Nan Little, Linda M. Morgan, Jay Phillips, Marilyn Phillips, Judi Sechter, Marc C. Sherman, Karen Smith, Peggy Willocks.
Team Members, PDF Pacers

Photo courtesy of PDF