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Debina's Dream's Volley for a Cure

(March 3, 2014) - If you think your chance for dreaming is over with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, think again! My ultimate dream is for a cure and I believe it will come true. I feel very optimistic because with a little help from my friends, I have remembered how to dream.

Three years ago when I decided to participate in my first Parkinson’s Unity Walk, I asked for support from my friends at the school where I have worked for many years. That year, I had not yet started to dream again, so my wish was to receive a few donations. But my friends had bigger plans for me. They organized our first Volley for the Cure game night and raised almost $4000! Did I dare to start to dream again?

Year two, we decided to expand and in addition to the Staff Volleyball Game, we added carnival games and prizes. Still afraid to dream, I worried no one would come. But they did, and we raised almost $5000!

This year, I did dream and I dreamed BIG! We set a goal of $6000 and invited the press to cover our event. Well, I am proof that dreams still do come true! We exceeded our goal of $6000 (by $83!) and not one, but TWO local TV stations came out and covered our story. Click here to view CBS Philly’s coverage of our fundraiser.

Raising money makes me feel more optimistic about my ultimate dream coming true because I am helping make it happen. These fundraisers have done more than raise funds and awareness.  Pre-Parkinson’s, in my wildest dreams I would have never envisioned that so many people would be willing to do so much for me. Yes, I was handed this diagnosis that no one would ever wish for but with it has come blessings of joy and friendship, richer than all the fundraisers in the world. If I hadn’t asked, I never would have known.

What’s your dream? Share it with your friends and family and you might see it come true. With my track record, my ultimate dream of a cure is bound to come true. I guess I just have to believe.

Debbie Flamini
Team Captain, Debina’s Dream