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Soup for the Soul

(February 10, 2014) - Soup has a wonderful reputation as a great comfort food.  But my friends at work have elevated soup to a new high by organizing a Soup for the Soul fundraiser lunch to help raise money for my Unity Walk team, Debina's Dream. I am extremely lucky to work with this extraordinary group of people. When I signed up for my first Walk three years ago, the staff united in their mission to raise as much money as possible to help find a cure. Every year since, they just want to do more and more! The spirit of giving is contagious, and just keeps growing! With all the creative minds in my school building, the opportunities are endless!  

So, on Friday, February 7th, twelve people volunteered to bring in a crock pot of homemade soup.  Others brought in bread, salad, water bottles, dessert, and paper products. Everything was donated. So when we charged a very reasonable $5 for lunch, we had a line snaking out the door, and every dollar was pure profit! An hour later, after we had sampled various soups, salads, and desserts, and had enjoyed laughing with friends, we had definitely had the shared experience of Soup for the Soul. And my soul was not the only one that felt the love in the room. We sat there as close-knit family, happy to be together.

Yes, we raised money - almost $400! But we got so much more from this event than a reasonable lunch and a Unity Walk donation. We enjoyed a feeling of connection and friendship that you don't often hear of in the work place.

I think if it was possible to judge "The Luckiest Walker" award, I would have to nominate myself!  Working with these fine people has tipped my lucky scale way over to the good! If friendship was all it took to cure Parkinson's, we could bottle it up at Hartford School and cure the world!  

Debbie Flamini
Team Captain Debina’s Dream