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Team Kohan's Pancakes for Parkinson's

(January 20, 2014) - Every year, Team Kohan tries to think of new ways to raise funds for Parkinson's disease research.  We wanted something catchy in the name and we came up with Pancakes for Parkinson's!

We got in touch with our church, Hillsdale United Methodist Church and secured the Fellowship Hall for the breakfast. We then reached out to our local Shop Rite and got all the fixin's donated as well as bagels and sausage from other local stores. We decided to make it affordable for all so we charged $5.00 per person for all you can eat! We ran ads in the local paper - advertisements are free; and posted the event on our town electronic board and in our Church bulletin. And of course, word of mouth always helps! Our local Fire Department allowed us to use their light up sign to help promote our fundraiser! Local girl scouts served breakfast, church members flipped the pancakes and off we went. Even though an unexpected snow fall came right as we began, we had standing room only!! We made about $1500! How's that for a 3 hour event with no expenses? This is a definite repeat for next year - but maybe next time we’ll need more sausage!!

Denise Kohan
Team Kohan