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Team Monaco Pens for Parkinson

April, 2013 - I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the summer of 2012 and registered for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk shortly after that.

I am a teacher at a high school in Staten Island and when I returned to school in the fall, my Principal wanted every Learning Center to participate in a community service project. I had the perfect one - the Unity Walk!

My co-worker came up with the idea of "Pens for Parkinson's" and when I presented it to my students, they jumped at the idea and lo and behold, our fundraising campaign began. Not only have we sold pens, we provided silver ribbons for everyone to wear to represent what we were doing. 

Outside of my classroom, we displayed the letters PUW to represent people who donated to the Parkinson's Unity Walk and purchased pens. 

In addition to raising money for research, my students have done an incredible job in raising awareness about PD. I am so proud of them and look forward to walking them in Central Park on April 27th.

Rachael Monaco
Team Captain, Team Monaco


Students placing the letters P U W on the school hallway.  The finished product - P U W!