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Team Tutu Train Designs and Sells Crafts at a Festival

January 31, 2013 - This will be the fourth year my husband and I will be participating in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) eleven years ago. The first time we walked, our two daughters walked with us.  Little did we know then that they also would be diagnosed with PD.  So this year we are walking on their behalf. 

One of the activities that has given me the most pleasure since I was diagnosed is crafting.  I design and make all sorts of items including handbags and jewelry.  My latest project is a line of children's clothing I call "Paniolo Kidz" after the legendary cowboys of Hawaii's Parker Ranch.  I find second-hand denim clothes, launder them, and decorate them cowboy style.  A “can-do” attitude is a strong force in my life and I find that my tremor seems to disappear when I do my craft work.

On February 2, I will be selling this children’s clothing at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea here on the Big Island.  I will be contributing 100% of my proceeds to the Parkinson's Unity Walk.  I hope my sales are strong that day!

I attended the same festival last year and my story was featured in the North Hawaii News.

Sue Lifschiz
Team Captain, Team Tutu Train