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Evansville, IN Stomps Out Parkinson`s Disease - 7th Annual Awareness Walk

The Stomp Out Parkinson’s group in Evansville, IN was started seven years ago by Karen Smith and a small group of friends. They wanted to raise awareness and support for people like Karen, who live with Parkinson’s disease every day. Our first walk was held on October 21, 2006, and is now in its seventh year. The walk is our largest fundraiser, with several smaller fundraisers taking place throughout the year.

The first fundraisers we did this year were a jeans day at a local credit union, and a crazy hat day at an elementary school. At the credit union, employees who donated $5 were allowed to wear jeans to work. At the elementary school, students who donated $1 were allowed to wear a “crazy hat” to school. These two fundraisers raised more than $555 for Parkinson’s research!

Another fundraiser we held this year was a charity day at a restaurant. This is the second year we’ve partnered with this restaurant to host a fundraiser. The restaurant gives us tokens to pass out in the weeks and days before the fundraiser, and donates 20% of any food, bar, and gift card sales from anyone who presents the token when paying. This fundraiser raised just shy of $200. Several restaurants offer these types of fundraising nights, and we’re hoping to hold several more next year.

The other fundraiser we held for the first time this year was a Zumba class. We contacted a local Zumba instructor who was willing to donate her time and teach a class, and were able to get use of a gym donated as well. Due to the time of year that this fundraiser was held and other activities happening in our community, our turnout wasn’t as we’d hoped. We did raise $140, and hope to turn this into a quarterly fundraising event in 2013 with several more participants.

These events gave us a good head start on our fundraising before our walk, which was held October 20, 2012. This was our biggest walk yet, with 200 registered walkers (plus three dogs!). In addition to the walk, we hold a baby crawl and children’s foot races, and have a DJ that provides music throughout the morning/afternoon. This year’s walk raised over $7,000 in registration fees. Combining registration totals with our corporate sponsors and previously held fundraisers, we raised over $8,000 to donate to Parkinson’s research this year, and we’re still counting!

Janice McGennis-Carr
Team Captain, Evansville Stomps Out Parkinson’s

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