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August 2012 - Team Frey

The year 1988 will be a time our family remembers forever.  Chester Frey, a husband, dad & grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

A brave and courageous man, he has accepted Parkinson’s disease and has a renewed faith that God is in control.  PapPap's amazing sense of humor exemplifies who he is as a person.  If you ask him about his family he will be quick to tell you that, "he is the master of his empire."

Twenty four years later you will find him not dwelling on his inabilities to do things for himself, but appreciates all the love, help and support he receives from his loving wife and family.

He enjoys family get togethers, playing cards, sporting events and eating.  He is an amazing man and "our hero."

To help make a difference, our family has been able to be a part of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk held in Central Park, New York for the last four years.  A highlight of the Walk was when PapPap was able to stand up from his wheelchair and walk across the finish line.  Exhausted but overjoyed, he experienced a huge accomplishment that was shared by our family.

No one on this earth knows what the future holds, but our hope as a family with a loved one battling Parkinson’s disease is that a cure will be found.  Until then we will continue to give back to our PapPap the love and support he needs because of the "unconditional love" and "unbreakable bond" we have as a family.

We’ll be back at the Unity Walk in 2013!

Team Frey