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2012 John "Bulldog" Hamil Walk/Ride for Parkinson



When Carol Kerr learned she had PSP (Palsy) approximately 10 years ago, she wanted to do something to bring attention to Parkinson’s disease (PD). It began as a way to honor John Hamil, a faithful member of Jamestown Presbyterian Church, who suffered from PD. The seventh annual John “Bulldog” Hamil Walk/Ride for Parkinson’s was held on Saturday, April 21, 2012 in Jamestown, North Carolina. This year’s event raised approximately $9,000.00 which was donated to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, a national organization that supports Parkinson’s research.

For the second consecutive year, it was hosted by Jamestown Presbyterian Church where participants enjoyed ample parking, facilities, and friendly volunteers. This year featured a 5K walk and three different bike routes: 10, 25, and 50 miles. Cyclists were led by sheriff deputies who made crossing busy intersections safe. They were greeted at two rest stops by volunteers who provided snacks, drinks, and even music. Upon their return, participants enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs provided by the men of the church. The cookout started as a senior project for John Pendleton last year but was so popular that it was repeated this year.

The John “Bulldog” Hamil Walk/Ride for Parkinson’s provides an opportunity for the community to build friendships and form a united front in our fight against Parkinson’s disease and PSP. It also serves as a platform to raise awareness and to show support and love for members of our community who suffer from the effects of PD.

Alesia Pendelton and Linda Holden
John “Bulldog” Hamil Walk/Ride