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June 2012 - Team Movers and Shakers

I had never participated in any fund raising programs for any cause before this year’s Unity Walk. We donated to certain charities but I never tried to raise funds for them. We did not even allow our children to participate in school or 4-H club fund raisers. Instead, we sent in a check at the beginning of each year as a donation to the schools, as well as any clubs, marching bands, etc. our children belonged to. I did not want them calling on our neighbors who were getting the same requests from numerous other kids on the same block. So I never had fundraised before.

However, March was the one year anniversary of my going on disability and I am so grateful for all the help and support from the team at JFK Medical Center - Jackie Cristini, Dr. Hanna, Dr. Gupta and the PT staff - that I convinced myself to try. I was pleasantly surprised by the response.

I think it worth noting that since I had contacts overseas much of the money came from outside the United States and the largest amounts from Pakistan and Turkey. This hopefully reinforces to others that certain issues transcend political and religious differences.

I was not able to find our team for most of the Walk but had the pleasure of walking with Dr. Hanna and his lovely daughter. Whether they wanted it or not, they got a history lesson on NYC and Central Park in particular.

It was impressive to see the turnout for the Walk and how upbeat all involved were.

I have no high level inspirational motivation for raising money for the Unity Walk. Once I got involved, I simply reverted to my normal business personality and pursued donations very aggressively. I appreciate the donors who supported my fundraising efforts. As in most such circumstances, there were some big surprises - both in getting donations from those I least expected and also some omissions that were disappointing.

As I said, I was not motivated by some higher level of consciousness. My motivation was selfish. I do not like having PD and will fight to help get it cured plain and simple.

John Ferry
Team Movers and Shakers