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Email Challenge Week #4 Winner

There were two separate email challenges for week #4 – one for the walker who received the greatest number of online donations the week prior to the Unity Walk and another to encourage registered walkers who had registered prior to 4/21 and had not yet made a donation to do so the week prior to the Walk. A raffle drawing was held for all eligible participants.

The first winner is Serra Hirsch, the walker who received the greatest number of online donations the week prior to the Unity Walk – a total of 48 online donations!

Who I walk for:
I walk in honor of my father, Jean-Louis Hirsch, who died in 2006 at age 70 after a difficult struggle with PD and eventually, dementia.  He was still alive when I started walking. It was right before he stopped being coherent, so it meant a lot to him that I would raise money for this cause.  When he was still alive, he really wanted to help forward the research on Parkinson’s disease. He left a large donation in his will and even donated his body to Parkinson's research after his passing.

Why I walk:
I am so happy to participate in the Walk every year, I believe this is my 11th or 12th year doing it.  People always commend me on my diligence about participating year after year but for me, it's my way of honoring his memory. It allows me to contribute to such an important cause. Plus it's an excuse to have a lovely day in Central Park! I always start off the Walk listening to my dad's favorite song, Amazing Grace, and thinking about happy memories.

Serra Hirsch

The second winner is Diane Hewitt. Making a donation yourself is the best way to demonstrate your commitment to the Walk and encourage others to follow suit. We appreciate Diane’s donation to the Unity Walk.

Why I walk:
I am participating in the Parkinson's Unity Walk as I was diagnosed a year and a half ago.  My daughter started our small team right away.  She was 27 at the time and an only child raised by a single parent (me), so it was a difficult realization to come to grips with.  She was very excited about raising money and participating.  I think it gave her an important way to feel that she could help to get control of a very difficult time and contribute to finding future solutions.  Being newly diagnosed is quite difficult for all members of a family, and the Walk was a completely positive experience.

I hesitated to go last year, but once I was there, it was a great experience and I gathered together a lot of helpful reading material!

This year I was also hesitant to attend.  However, I went for my daughter again as she so gets into the spirit and can feel she is really doing something to help.  Once in Central Park, it was a wonderful experience.  The weather and turnout were fabulous - much more than last year, and the community feeling was stupendous!

My favorite memories of the Walk:
My favorite memories of the Walk each year will be the time spent with my daughter acknowledging a difficult situation in a happy, helpful, and optimistic way - spring in Central Park with loved ones is great medication!

Diane Hewitt