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Email Challenge Week #1 Winner - Team Janeth

Team Janeth is the winner of our first weekly email challenge – a raffle drawing for all walkers using the Fundraise with Facebook tool available on our website. Judith and her team will have their photo taken with May May Ali at the Unity Walk.

Why We Walk
My sister-in-law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease between two to three years ago.  Last summer when she was visiting from Louisville, KY, she told us that she had a friend who participates in the Unity Walk each year and asked if we would be interested in doing it with her if she came up for it.  This was really the first time (that I was aware of) that she had spoken openly with us about her PD.

We enthusiastically said "yes" and decided to take it a step further by forming a team and raising some money to honor her and support her battle.  I became the team captain and despite not knowing what we're doing, we've almost reached our initial goal of $5000, and I expect we will exceed that.  We have appealed to friends and family via email and written letters and found a matching gift program through my husband's employer, ATC Corporation, who has generously matched several donations.  

I usually go by the nickname "Judy", but my sister-in-law calls me "Judith", so instead of "Jane", I call her "Janeth".  Thus, "Team Janeth" - watch out for us!

Judith Kinnard
Team Captain, Team Janeth