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Team I JUST GOT BACK Sells Jewelry


My wire lace jewelry and fused glass art items are tangible memories of places I have visited, where I have learned large or small life lessons about the world and its inhabitants, including myself. Life has been good to me.  Travel has given wings to my heart and soul.

My business is named I Just Got Back…every piece is named for one of these places. But the name also defines a more important meaning, since I have Parkinson’s Disease.

Being diagnosed with such a disease rips away any positive sense of yourself.  You instantly join the ranks of those who cannot do, those who are “less than”.  I needed to find an answer to the question of how to find a way to get back to a self I could love again. My art shows me the path.

The colors and textures inspired by these traveled discoveries always give me the sense that I just got back. I want to suggest the magic in this world with my art. My creations make me smile and feel just fine about the woman I am and the artist I am becoming.

Parkinson’s Disease has both enriched and challenged the inner life of my creations.  Now is time to give back.  Hence I have been donating a portion of the proceeds from I Just Got Back to the Parkinson’s Foundation, and most recently to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. 

In this economy, there hasn’t yet been a big demand for my art.  But I still feel successful when I sell at Farmer’s Markets or fairs because I get to represent that face of Parkinson’s that people need to see: the face of someone who was challenged and then found the road to get back.

It has been a great way to fundraise.

Kate Byrnes