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Team DominACHIN

Fundraising has become Team DominACHIN’s middle name. Our events have been so much fun AND so successful. Here are our top five fundraising ideas.
WASHERS TOURNAMENT – the most fun!
This is a game where teams of two compete. The object is to throw washers in the hole of a box, similar to horseshoes. Teams are randomly selected. Each person pays $25 to play. We provide food, and sell raffles and t-shirts. We hold it at a bar that closes down for us and the bartender donates his tips. We make all the food ourselves. In the past we have deducted the expense of the food purchases but this year we're going for all donated food. We've done this for 2 years. It is a lot of fun and player spots sell out quickly. Last year, we made $5,000.
LCD TELEVISION RAFFLE – our easiest fundraiser!
Last fall, we bought a 42" television from an appliance company at cost ($400). We printed 100 raffle tickets on our computer. We sold each ticket for $20 and limited ticket sales to 100. We were sold out in 3 weeks and made a $1600 profit! This year we just got a great deal on a Patriots old logo bright red grill. An $800 grill on sale for $400 and someone we know works in the pro shop so we got an additional 30% off. Tickets will be on sale soon.
T-SHIRT SALES – the coolest fundraiser
In two years we've sold about 750 team t-shirts. We sell them for $15. The cost has been as low as $5 for one side printed. This year we sold ads on the back. Ad prices were $100, $200 or $300. We sold 15 ads totaling $1500.
Our son started a rock paper scissor tournament six years ago. It originated as a party just for fun but has recently become a fundraiser as well. It is the game you used to play as a kid. We set it up as a double elimination tournament. He has a local Pub as a sponsor that pays for all the t-shirts. It is $20 to play, $10 for a RPS t-shirt and $15 for food and beer. With shirt sales, a donation back from the winner and other donations, he made $1130 this year.
My husband works at the AAA baseball team for the Boston Red Sox. This year was our second year for holding a Parkinson's awareness night. We sold a family ticket for $21 that allowed 6 family members to go to the game. The PAWSOX donated back to us $10.50 for each ticket. Nearly 275 tickets were sold this year raising about $2900.

Facebook has been great for us! We have never done a mailing about any of our events. We started a page for Team DominACHIN which now has 943 fans. When something is going on we post it and the news spreads like wildfire.
Creative fundraising ideas from other Team DominACHIN members:

- Bring in goodies on Fridays to the office and ask for donations. Office mates have started to bring in goodies as well.
- Put a container at a local convenience store with the team logo on it. Hundreds of dollars have been collected – one quarter at a time.
- Hold a ski-a-thon. Our town has an old ski slope that's not in use. Take pledges for each run down you make. No J bar anymore so after each run they hiked it up. Someone at the park asked what we were doing and ended up going home and bringing back a check.