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John "Bulldog" Hamil Walk/Ride for Parkinson

On April 30, 2011, the John “Bulldog” Hamil Walk/Ride completed the sixth year in raising money for the fight against Parkinson’s. When Carol Kerr learned she had PSP (Palsy) approximately 10 years ago, she wanted to do something to bring attention to Parkinson’s. It began as a way to honor John Hamil, a faithful member of Jamestown Presbyterian Church, who suffered from Parkinson’s.

The first two years in existence the event focused on providing a safe place for people to walk and show their support. The past four years has seen a growth in participation by offering bike routes for cyclists who wanted an alternative to walking. By offering a 10, 25, and 50 mile bike route, this year’s event hosted over 120 riders, as well as walkers.

A new venue, Jamestown Presbyterian Church, provided plenty of parking, multiple walking trails, and the first ever cookout. With the help of the men of the church, John Pendleton organized the cookout and highlighted the event as his high school senior project. With the help of mentor Fred Werstlein, 175 people enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs in the church picnic shelter following the event. This year’s event raised approximately $9,500.00 which was given to Parkinson’s Unity Walk, a national organization that focuses on Parkinson’s research.
The John “Bulldog” Hamil Walk/Ride for Parkinson’s provides an opportunity for the community to build friendships and form a united front in our fight against Parkinson’s and PSP. It also serves as a platform to raise awareness and to show support and love for members of our community who suffer from the effects of Parkinson’s.