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March 2011 - Grandchildren Against Parkinson

Grandchildren Against Parkinson's

About 1 in 25 seniors over the age of 80 are inflicted with Parkinson's Disease.   Many seniors living with Parkinson's disease, including my grandmother Laurie, are grandparents so I decided to form a team called Grandchildren Against Parkinson's.    This is a way for children and grandchildren to work together and use their energy, love, and concern to help raise money to find a cure.   As a walker and a team captain, I am dedicated to finding the cure of my beloved grandmother's disease. My teammates and I have raised about $40,000 over 4 years, in honor of those we love and care for.

 I started this walk when I was 12. In the past four years, I have developed important fund raising tools, which I'd like to share with you:

My team is growing slowly and steadily.  Children and Grandchildren of Parkinson's patients are younger, have more energy, and are generally more computer-literate;  all of these help translate into raising the necessary money to fund Research and hopefully discover a cure.   We of course welcome all new walkers to Grandchildren Against Parkinson's.  But remember, all walkers and teams belong to the TOP team, Team Obliterate Parkinson's!

Danielle Epstein
Captain, Team GAP