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October 2010 - Team DominACHIN

My name is Mike Achin and I'm from North Attleboro, MA. My immediate family includes my wife of 30 years Gail, my daughter Danielle (26), and my sons Ben (28), and Zach (20). My new journey started in July of 2009. I heard those dreadful words--"You have Parkinsons Disease." My wife and I drove home--I was confused, angry, sad and mad. I just wanted to scream. After a few days it sunk in. We bought books, jumped on the internet, gobbled up any information we could.  
Somehow in her research my wife found the Unity Walk in NYC and I found a great team of doctors, nurses and assistants at BU Medical. My family was unbelievable. They rallied behind me and Team DominACHIN was formed. Our first goal was to attend the Unity Walk as a family, the five of us. We were stunned that at total of 69 members of Team DominACHIN found their way to NYC. Ben organized a washers tournament in March to fundraise for the walk. We chose lime green as our color and sold Team DominACHIN cause bracelets and over 300 tshirts. Danielle planned a bar crawl down in Florida. Our goal was $5000. To our disbelief when all the donations had been tallied up we had raised $17,190.00!!! 
We continued our mission walking with the MA APDA chapter in Canton. We recently climbed Mt. Washington with Enzo Simone, the cast and crew from 10 Mountains 10 Years and Leeza Gibbons to raise more awareness and funds for Parkinsons. Before the Unity Walk we started a fan page on facebook called Team DominACHIN over PD, which now has 844 fans. 
This year has been incredible for me and my family. We have met many new friends, laughed together, cried together and most importantly, we have pushed ourselves to new heights. We have learned that things worthwhile are worth fighting for and that if you believe in yourself anything is possible. Team DominACHIN is in this fight until we win--it is not a matter if they find a cure--it is when. See you at the Unity Walk in 2011!