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August 2010 - Team Zimmet

Four years ago a prominent dentist in Northern Virginia noticed that his hand was shaking and that his handwriting was starting to get smaller and smaller.  Three and a half years ago he finally decided to go to the doctor to try to determine the cause.  And, three years ago everything changed forever. 

Our dad was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's disease on April 2, 2007.  The initial shock of the diagnosis and the reality of how quickly this was going to change his life rocked our family.  Had our dad been an accountant, lawyer or any number of professions besides being a dentist he could have continued on with a career that he loved but being a dentist with Parkinson's disease was not the least bit feasible.   

Within the year our dad had sold the dental practice that he spent 30 years growing and said goodbye to his passion, preparing to face the challenges that this chronic neurological disorder would bring to his life.

When our family made the decision to participate in the Walk and organize a Team Zimmet bus up to New York, we could never have imagined the love and support that we would find within our family and friends.   Team Zimmet took the challenge to raise funds to find a cure for Parkinson’s with un-wavering resolve, raising over $16,000.    Standing together with thousands of people in our community that are affected by Parkinson’s disease only strengthened our determination to do what we can to help find a cure.  It’s incredible what a community of people can do when faced with such a challenge.   Team Zimmet will be a permanent fixture as part of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk fighting and standing together, as May May Ali said so wonderfully, “to keep faith in that day when researchers will say they have made Parkinson’s history.”